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Dipping Wax S-U-TAUCHWACHS Schuler Braun In Pellets

S-U-DIPPING-WAX in PelletsThe pellets form allows an exact dosage, out of a practical box.For crea..


Modelling Wax Renfert GEO Crowax Blue/Green/Gray

GEO Crowax Modeling wax The modeling waxes in the GEO Crowax line are medium hard universal w..


S-U Modelling Wax Schuler Blue Hard Elastic

S-U-MODELLING-WAX, blue hard-elasticUniversal Casting WaxItem No. 6000001 Especially ..


S-U Modelling Wax Schuler Green Medium Hard

S-U-MODELLING-WAX, green medium-hardUniversal Casting WaxItem No. 6000011 A smoother, ..

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