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Separating agent Isofix 2000 Renfert

Separating agent Isofix 2000 1LSeparation of plaster against plaster for production of workin..


Bi-V-Pin with plastic sleeve Renfert

Bi-V-Pin with plastic sleeve 1000 piecesModel pin with a narrow V-shaped head geometry and two guid..


Cleaning agent SYMPROfluid Renfert

Cleaning agent SYMPROfluid 2 LSYMPROfluids are cleaning liquids, for use in the SYMPRO cleaning sy..


Electrolyte Glaze liquid Renfert

 Electrolyte Glaze liquid RenfertFor electrolytic high-luster polishing of chrome cobalt fram..


Fibertray Renfert

Fibertray 10 pieces Textile firing tray for stable positioning of porcelain models during..


Isolating stick Iso-Stift Renfert

Isolating stick Iso-StiftA practical, double-sided isolating stick for isolating plaster against po..


Mesh inserts Renfert

Mesh inserts Name Mesh inserts Article number ..


Mesh strengthener fine gold-plated Renfert

Mesh strengthener, fine, gold-plated Name Mesh strengthener, medium, ..


Mesh strengthener medium gold-plated Renfert

 Mesh strengthener, medium, gold-plated Name Mesh strengthener, m..


Mesh strengtheners grids gold plated Renfert

Strengthening grid, gold-plated..


Mesh strengtheners grids plain Renfert

Strengthening grid, plain..


Mesh-Tray Renfert

Honeycomb shaped, lightweight firing tray for individual positioning of crowns and bridges in the ..


Picosep Renfert

Solvent-free, silicone-based plaster against wax isolation..


Plaster and alginate solvent GO 2011 speed Renfert

Plaster and alginate solvent GO 2011 speed 2 LSuitable for cleaning different instruments and..


Self Cure Colored Acrylic Liquid Stain Top Airstain Glaze

TOP AIRSTAIN GLAZE Self Cure Colored Acrylic Liquid Resin System Intended for esthetic color mo..


Super glue The multi-purpose one Renfert

Super glue The multi-purpose oneAll-round super glue for use with plaster, metal, acrylics and por..

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