Nova Spiral Implant PSI

Nova Spiral  Implant PSI

Nova Spiral Implant PSI

Brand: Nova Implants
Made in: Israel
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Ø3.3 L8
Ø3.3 L10
Ø3.3 L168
Ø4.2 L8
Ø4.2 L13
Ø4.2 L16
Ø5 L8
Ø5 L11.5
Ø5 L13
Ø5 L16
Ø6 L6
Ø6 L8
Ø6 L10
Ø6 L11.5
Ø6 L13

The Nova PSI implant is a straight wall 2.42 mm internal hex implant (standard) for both two-stage and single stage procedures. This design has a larger surface area that increases the bone to implant contact, resulting in more surface area for bone-cell attachment and interaction with the osteoblasts .

The Nova PSI implant is self drilling, with a unique wide threads design, with tapered threads on the apical part for self tapping.

Recommended for all bone types.


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