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Polishing Slender brushes Renfert

Polishing Slender brushes 36mmThe classic brush for polishing chrome cobalt or hard precious metals..


Polishing brush Goat hair Renfert

 Polishing brush Goat hair.For polishing precious metal and acrylic surfaces.Advantages· ..


Cotton buff Renfert

Cotton buffFor high-luster polish on acrylic teeth and facings using the handpiece. Advantages ..


Pleated buff nettle cloth Renfert

Pleated buff nettle cloth 100 mmFor large surface high-lustre polish on acrylic dentures.Advantage..


Polishing brush Bison Renfert

Polishing brush BisonThis unique mixture of bristles ensures a powerful and quick high-lustre..


Polishing brush Chungking Renfert

Polishing brush Chungking 80 mmPolishing buff for pre-polishing chrome cobalt alloys.Advantag..


Silver wire brushes mounted Renfert

Silver wire brushes mountedAbrasion-free pre-polishing of metal occlusal surfaces.Advantages· ..

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